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What is Energy Healing and How Can it Help Me Be Healthier and Happier?

So what about these “high vibes”? It’s not all just hippie talk.

Many scientists have confirmed that everything has a frequency, as everything consists of energy particles.

Everything in life is vibration. Albert Einstein

From an article in Scientific American, “even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies.”

There are higher frequencies and lower frequencies. Some are healthy (organic foods and happiness). Some are not (5G and anger).

Yogi’s call it “prana” or “life force energy.” Qigong Masters call it “chi” or “qi.”

Scientific studies have been done on the effects of frequency on water with various types of music, words or intentions. Masaru Emoto showed from his experiments that the frequency of positive words and music fostered beautiful, perfectly structured shapes in frozen water crystals. Negative frequencies responded accordingly.

Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

More importantly, this proves that when a group of vibrating objects get together, they aim to become in harmony and resonance with each other. They sync up.

This can affect you negatively, or positively based on your own frequency. This leaves something to be said about not wanting to hang out with Negative Ned’s or Nancy’s.

Steven Storgatz, mathematician, links this synchronization to how birds fly in formation, when no one is directing them to do so.

This can also lead to “herd mentality” when masses of people get together with the vibration of harmony or disharmony.

As well, when someone offers comfort, that frequency transmits as well. Prayer and meditation offer this higher frequency, like a radio wave to a tower.

These frequencies affect the body at an energetic frequency, and cellular level to promote wellness and healing.

Healing practitioners are simply “attuned” to a higher frequency that is then transmitted with hands on healing to the patient to raise their frequency back to health and harmony.

Basic Science of Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Atoms are particles, when combined create molecules, which then combine to create compounds.

Atoms are made up of energetic vibrational frequencies or waves.

So everything is made of atoms and thus energetic frequencies.

Making sense yet?

This means so are YOU! You can be affected by simple energetic frequencies to harmonize with health, healing, and improved mood.

Back to Einstein... E = mc2. Simply put by Wikipedia, “anything having mass has an

equivalent amount of energy and vice versa.”

Becoming clearer still?

According to Tainio, by using a Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM), he has discovered that 62-72 MHz is the frequency of a healthy human, and that frequency drops when it is unhealthy.

So now do you see how energy healing can help you?

Science backs what methods of energy healing doctors in the East have been using effectively for hundreds of years.

Reiki, translated as “life force energy”, is currently being used in hospitals in Japan and the US for healing treatments and recovery.

Hospitals such as Yale New Haven, Henry Ford Macomb, and Sloan Kettering are just a few out of over 60 hospitals in the US who offer Reiki treatments as part of their care.

Sure it’s hard to find someone who is skilled, and truly knows what they are doing. But asking around and searching reviews will help you to validate who’s legit.

And when you do...

Your life will be changed for the better. You won’t regret it. You just have to experience it for yourself.

Click here to find out more about experiencing your own distance energy healing session.


Cindy Bowen is a double gold medal, award-winning author, Reiki and Reconnective energy healer with over 25 years experience, Physical Therapist Assistant, Craniosacral Therapist, Yoga teacher, and Medical Intuitive.


Here are some 5 star Google reviews of Healing Sessions patients:

“I received an AMAZING distance energy healing from Cindy. She intuitively knew right away that I was having neck and jaw pain,and helped ease them both.

I HIGHLY recommend her!”

Heather O'Neill - California


“Cindy is an amazing energy healer! She said a lot of my pain in my eye was from structural damage... this was from a childhood severe fall on my head that was never treated...! Long ago forgotten except for the scar on my hairline! She did divine energy surgery on my skull~ improving my vision and decreasing the pain! Cindy has a beautiful and kind way of healing and explaining all the time who is assisting and what they are doing and why...I’m a 25 yr cardiac RN and I was very impressed and would definitely recommend!”

~ Kay Gaines, RN - Cardiac Nurse


“Years of hypnotherapy and counseling failed to rid me of my unyielding anxiety and self-loathing. After 3 energy healing sessions, my life has changed 180 degrees for the better.”

~ Miriam Lorenzi, Photographer


“It must have been my guides or angels that put you in my path, 'cause it was just so amazing! I was VERY impressed with what you said. That blew my mind. You really read me so well and hit the nail on the head.

Would definitely recommend you to others!”

~ A. Harrison - Cerebral Palsy patient


“Cindy is a very gifted individual . She connected with me and was able to pinpoint somethings that were going on with my eyes . I was really amazed. She is also very caring and concerned. I highly recommend her.”



Email to set up your healing session.



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