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About Cindy Bowen

Cindy Bowen

is an Award-Winning Author

5 star Intuitive Healer & Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Craniosacral Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, and chosen Earth Guardian with the Mamos.

Cindy channels and interprets for the Shashastra (Starlight) Collective, who are the keepers and watchers of love and light on the Earth.

The "Sha" are here to bring about

The Great Harmonization of global unity and Oneness, through assisting souls to find

Divine Order Within, by mastering the 8 Spheres of Ascension, for the greater good of the planet and ascension for all. 

Her children’s book Playing with Gaia won

2 gold medals from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and the Mom’s Choice Awards. She is also the author of Zero to Oneness self-help e-book.


Cindy offers many online classes, workshops and retreats to help you connect with your inner being and create the life and the Earth you desire.


Personal Intuitive Energy Balancing sessions

are available by request. 

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