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Set Loving Intentions

Listen to your Intuition

Ask for what you need

Put it into Action,

Attract what you desire

What are the features of Intuitive Life Coaching sessions?

⭐Receive and utilize the self-help e-book Zero to Oneness

⭐Work with a 5-star, intuitive healer and guide with 25 years experience

⭐Be supported along your journey

⭐Sessions are catered to your individual needs

⭐Online video sessions from the convenience of your own home

How is it different than other life coaching models?

  • It is a simple tool that can be used for any situation to create prosperity and success with relationships, health, career, and more

  • It is a a circular, organic model of inward presence, rather than a linear model of overthinking and outwardly focus

  • It teaches you how to create from desire and love, rather than a to do list, fear or worry

  • It guides you to align with your own intuition, rather than someone telling you what to do

  • It balances the feminine creation with masculine action within you

  • It empowers you to be aligned with and creating the life you want and your highest potential

How will I benefit from Intuitive Life Coaching sessions?

Attract more love and abundance in your life

⭐Gain clarity and focus with your purpose

⭐Sharpen your gut instinct and develop your intuition

Clear your blockages of anger, fear and doubt

⭐Release what's blocking you from success, love and joy

⭐Receive healing beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before

⭐Learn a simple tool you can use to create the life you want, anytime, anywhere.

⭐Sleep better, less stress, mental clarity, peaceful heart

⭐Receive community support, sharing and wisdom from high vibe peers

⭐Your time, in the convenience of your own home

⭐Experience transformation that is more than just life coaching

Align with your desired intentions with the energy of love and gratitude 

Tune in into your inner intuition and body wisdom

Ask for what you need with clarity and focus

Co-create with conscious action with the co-creative life forces

Master your own ascension with this tool anytime, for any situation

Become a powerful attractor

How many sessions do I need?

For optimal results, the recommended number of sessions is 4-8. Each session typically lasts 1 hour.

In 4 sessions, you will be guided through the "Zero to Oneness" e-book and workbook. Cindy will support you as you peel back the layers of what is blocking you, and align you with your desired state of being.

In 8 sessions, you will experience a more in depth exploration into releasing the core of old patterns and co-creating and aligning with your authentic life and essence of oneness.


As you go through the workbook, Cindy will give you intuitive guidance and coaching along the way. You will learn to clear out anger, fear and doubt in your words, thoughts, and energy while creating loving intentions, listening to your intuition, asking for what you need, and then putting it into decisive action.

"I’ve now had several sessions with Cindy and every single time I learn something new, not only about myself, but also about the process of energy healing. 

...she gently guides you through the whole process explaining everything along the way... And, you will feel your body responding as she is working on you.

Within her sessions, I’ve physically witnessed how trapped negative energy feels once it is released, healing either a health issue or an emotional block.

The life-changing part comes in when something that you didn’t even realize was blocking you, is unblocked and IS released…or when she receives messages that can only resonate with you and only you, geared at a very specific situation or situations pertaining to you…

That is all when the magic happens!

I highly recommend Cindy, not only for her experience, but for her compassion and grace. She’s the real deal!

Roseanna Bragg - Commercial Producer

Young Woman with Black Hair

So what's blocking you from being in total alignment with yourself?

Learn how to create the life you want and how to set loving intentions, clear the pathway to listen to your intuition, ask for what you need, put it into action, and become a powerful attractor and co-creator of your life! 

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