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How to Create the Life You Want With the Power of Your Heart

Hi Beloveds,

Please enjoy this channeling from the Shashatra Collective, my group of guides that I interpret for, on the topic of co-creation, manifestation and love. Please take a moment to take a deep breath, relax and receive this message and information. And so we begin...

We are happy that you have chosen us during this time.. to speak and to learn about what it is that you are experiencing. We are watching you and learning from you as you grow as well. It’s not simply us that it is here to give you information but it is also for you to give us information from your experiences, as we witness… as we are not in the physical plane, we watch and observe what's happening in the physical plane and learn from it.

This is a very interesting experiment that is happening. And no we are not spying on you with leering eyes. The way that we watch and learn and see is not the way that you would think. It's simply energetic waves of information based on your experience that we receive.

We find it most interesting that your beings are still in a place of not fully understanding yourselves, and so as we watch and get this information... it's like we are receiving data, and with that we can help to shift the energy for you. It's not something that we can come down and rescue with spaceships or whatever you imagine or fantasize about. It's more about… as if you are opening a computer program, in a sense that it takes information to affect actions to happen, to open certain programs within your brain, within your consciousness.

So we observe and watch while we're collecting this information and then we send back a beam of energy that is filled with information for you to experience more love, more openness, more harmony, and more love in your world. But we must work in the denser places to uplift your world.. so we are working with the trenches, as well as, working with people such as yourself who are in alignment with the love frequency. We are working with people like you to help uplift and be the lighthouses because you are more easily able to be reached energetically speaking. You can carry the frequency and spread the light and information just from your physical presence and closeness to other beings.

You have a jewel inside of you that you call your heart center. And it is a beacon for your love counterpart for someone who resonates with your heart. And that heart resonates equally in love or in dysfunction depending on where you are. The best way to attract the love of your life is to focus on bringing in and experiencing love and being it in your heart because love is a magnetic frequency.

Whether you're searching on dating sites or trying to put yourself in a position to meet new people, you can do all of those things and none of it will matter if your heart energy does not match the person that you're talking to. If you want to experience the kind of love that you desire - blissful, happy, aligned, spiritual, soulmate, beautiful kind of love - then you just need to feel that frequency in your heart even more so. Do the things that bring you that feeling at all times or as much as you possibly can. But don't worry if your heart is not perfect because it will simply attract someone that matches the frequency of your heart.

When you're reaching for something more, it sometimes takes time to shift that frequency, to get really good at holding that energy frequency. It takes practice and time doing the things that you love such as meditating, and loving and nurturing yourself to hold that frequency…. to be in a place of receptivity rather than wanting, longing, jealousy watching others for what they have.

It takes practice to hold this energetic space... it takes commitment to yourself. Doing things like taking a long hot bath because it feels nurturing and loving to yourself and brings you Joy. Having a nice hot cup of tea in the evening, massaging your own feet, going to get a massage because it feels good, spending time with a friend, spending time in nature, working on something creative, something that just feels good to do... having gratitude. Practice all of these things. Many of you may have heard this many times, many different ways, but when you think about it in concept, do you actually FEEL that love in your heart?

Doing things or going through the motions is fine, but do you actually really FEEL that love in your heart, the joy and alignment? If you don't feel that we say to you to just imagine it. Imagine your perfect partner, imagine your perfect vacation - whatever it is that you desire because again your heart is this Jewel that is like a lighthouse, a magnet, an energy. The toroidal energy in the center of your heart is the center of your infinite universe where all creation happens. It lies within your heart energy so when you get into the center with love emotion, that is the portal to create a manifest whatever it is that you desire. Whether it's love relationships, a career, friends, whatever it is that you desire, simply focus on nurturing your heart and feeling joy in your heart.

That's it! Then imagine it with being clear about what it is you desire. There’s nothing you have to do because you are the center of the universe in your heart. Everything will fold in and show up to you in a way like you've never imagined before. It'll just simply line up for you. Your heart is the center of that infinite Universe. You can co-create anything that you desire. It is an energetic portal, infinite one-pointed focused energy - the connection to everything.

So here are some recommended hand movements. Start with both hands in front of your heart, put your hands facing your heart and dropping them down around and back making an infinite Loop or circles on each side, connecting at the heart center with your heart space, making two circles side by side, infinite shaped in front of your heart. When your hands are coming up it's like you're calling and receiving energy that you want. Also you can face your palms out from your heart and send energy out from your heart doing the same circles, winding up the generator sending out that energy, with your palms out from the center, making circles out from the side , and then simply place your hands over your heart and just imagine that you feel Joy there. Of course breathing - inhaling and exhaling - as you're going through these motions will help you connect more deeply. Then you bee creating an energetic field and center for your creation to manifest in front of you. Enjoy the magic!

We are the Shashastra Collective. Many blessings to all of you. Thank you for this time. We disconnect.

Well that was very enlightening and beautiful. The "Sha" never ceases to amaze me with their endless, simple wisdom. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to create your life with love sign up for one of our online classes coming soon! And if you’d like a private session with me, feel free to email me.

Many blessings and may you all have a life filled with love and oneness today.

Cindy Bowen

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