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Resurrection of Your Soul

“Resurrect every moment. Let go, die with it. Be born again. Be free.”

This phrase has stuck with me over 20 years. With every growing year I learn more and more the depths of its meaning. Sometimes it haunts me. Sometimes it frees me and uplifts my soul.

It is during these trying times, that we can feel uncertainty, which can feel often like death. Or we can feel a reset button that renews us in a way like never before in our lives, or in our history of humanity. However this Mantra, this prayer, whatever you want to call it, is a way to live, to True living.

It allows you to be in the now and be present, in this moment. It allows you to release the past and to create space to receive the future that will come and the future that you now choose. Or rather the future that you now decide, because a decision, a strong affirmative decision is more powerful than any choice or action you can take.

A decision is an internal affirmation that allows you to align with where you want to go and invites the energy to line up with it because you mean it. A strong inner decision will allow nothing other than what you have decided to come, into your inner space. Awareness of your energy about your beliefs, about yourself, about your future, what you are capable of, and the confidence you have in knowing your inner power is greater than any power, as it is the vibration of love and connection that creates all things you desire.

So it is during this time of quarantine that we find ourselves with ourselves. We see a mirror reflection of who we are, what we have spent our time focusing on, what is important and what is truly lasting when the shit hits the fan. Within that reflection there is transformation potential. It is up to you whether you are ready to decide to let go of the past, the old ways of being, of operating and existing. This is simply not just in your daily lives, with your family, and your people. It is how you relate to the entire world. It is now how you impact the entire world, with each and every DECISION you make. You can either support the Earth in any way you can, or you can go back to blindly polluting and carelessly contributing to the problem that causes disruption, breakdown, disease and destruction.

With that decision comes the necessary time for deliberate action. It's no more than just a fluffy trend. Eating dairy free and recycling is simply not enough. But it is a wonderful start on a beautiful path to restoring this Earth to a place of beauty, balance, having enough for all in the ways of food, love, community, respect, and harmony for all.

During a pivotal transition, and a time of letting go, there is much dying in this

process. Parts of you will die and that is a good thing. But it can often seem scary and intimidating like a sort of nakedness at first. It IS a fresh start, as if you were a naked child being born again and this is a good thing as well. Embracing and expecting uncomfortable changes is a way to success. It is part of the process of transformation.

Be brave dear ones, for this is your time, and it is up to you to DECIDE together, and as an individual, how to move forward in this new world. So whatever it is that you are facing right now, through these challenges, whether it be a relationship, a career, a personal habit, addiction, negative thoughts, complaining, or anything else that is creating contrast or drama in your life right now - let it go, die with it, be born again, and be free.

Know that these challenges only seem like the end of the world. They only seem like a death because loss is loss no matter what form it comes in. So a death is a death, and it can often feel as horrible as complete and total loss of a person, and sometimes more so. With each death, especially with personal deaths, internal egoic death of our patterns, our habits, our ways of being, it can feel as if the entire SELF has died, or will potentially die.

However, in many instances and multiple experiences, with myself as a human,and witnessing this world going through changes, I can guarantee you that your true SELF can never truly die, and that your spirit will always exist whether you have breath or not.Death is simply a cycle shared with rebirth. Let go > die with it > be born again > be free. It is simply the unknown of what is on the other side that is terrifying. So it is important that you clearly decide what you want to create, attract and surround yourself with in your life based on your decisions.

Happiness is a choice. It is a decision that you make to feel and operate and be in control of your life rather than being a victim of it. Life is not acting upon you once you realize that you are actually the magnetizing Force that keeps drawing things in based on your beliefs. That's not to say you attracted an injustice upon you. But you can move forward knowing that you will operate and vibrate differently so that those negative experiences are less likely to be drawn to you. Based on your decision to operate at a different vibration than the one you have been given, taught, or shaped to believe by your own experiences and upbringing, you can be reborn and live in a new way.

Have TRUST that the universe has your back and is ever leading you in the right direction with every door slammed in your face, every break up, every effortless path, you are being guided closer to your own inner spiral of effortless joy, so long as you do not resist the waves that are pushing you along. No more swimming upstream. Let go, surrender, be carried and lifted to freedom.

There are many unfair privileges and advantages in this world, seemingly. We all have our own crosses to bear, as we resurrect ourselves through the challenges that we face in our daily lives. Even those that seem they have it all have multiple challenges to overcome greater than you could imagine. So now is the time for you to decide what it is that you want to let go of and let die about yourself, how you want to resurrect yourself, what you want to be freed from, so that you can be born again, into this new Earth, with love and harmony.

But most importantly why? You “why” will carry you with purpose, direction, meaning and energized enthusiasm through these changes. So what is your why? Is it for yourself? Is it for the world? Is it for the future of your children? Or is it simply because it makes you feel better inside and out? All of those are worthy and beautiful reasons why.

Letting go can be no simple task. There are many triggers and ways to heal. Forgiveness of self and of others can help to transition a lot. Acceptance is another path. It may take some support and assistance for you to move through these times.

I am here for you to support you along this journey. Reach out to me for a free consultation for life coaching and intuitive healing session.

May you resurrect yourself, and be born again in beauty, love and harmony and surrendering to being guided to your true and best self and life alignment.

Many blessings to all of you.

Cindy Bowen

Click above to listen to this, followed by a meditation.

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