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Anch-8 Spheres of Ascension

Audio Classes &Meditations

At Life of Oneness, we believe that everyone has the potential to heal and awaken to their true nature. Our audios and meditations are designed to help you connect with your inner wisdom, release negative energy, and experience profound transformation. 


Cindy Bowen is an experienced, certified healer, channeler and intuitive guide, and has created a wide variety of audios and meditations to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Guided by her spirit team and guides, The Shashastra (Starlight) Collective, Cindy now shares this divine wisdom with you as you ascend along your journey to awakening.


We invite you to browse our selection and find the right resources.

The 8 Spheres of Ascension Series

Move through The 8 Spheres of Ascension Series as you evolve, harmonize and balance the layers of your Mental, Emotional, Physical, Psychic, Energetic, Spiritual, Ethereal and Creator Spheres.  

Enjoy this refreshing insight and wisdom as you grow and connect with your higher self, intuitive sensing, the powerful creator within you, spirit guides and the one creator.  Experience these powerful meditations, self-help exercises, and contemplation, as you work through your blocks and harmonize your frequency and life with love, abundance and inner creative power. Create the life you desire and become the person know you are meant to be!

If you are not ready to take the 8 week online class then you can go at your own pace by listening to the audios below.

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the 8 spheres of ascension

What are the 8 Spheres of Ascension?

  • MENTAL - Transforming and clearing anger, fear and doubt into clarity of mind.

  • EMOTIONAL - Align with love that will fuel your intentions and be a powerful attractor of your desire.

  • PHYSICAL - Once the mental and emotional bodies are clear and aligned, your physical body will balance and radiate.

  • PSYCHIC - With clear mind, emotion and body you are able to listen to and discern your intuition and inner knowing.

  • ENERGETIC - Tapping into intuition will allow you to sense and feel the subtle energies in your body and all around you.

  • SPIRITUAL - Taking your aligned sensing and inner knowing one step further to commune and connect with your higher self, your inner light-filled spirit.

  • ETHEREAL - Moving beyond the body, beyond the self, into the limitless ether of space and the unified field of one consciousness and awareness that connects us all.

  • CREATOR/SOURCE - Connect with the One Consciousness, the One Soul, the One Source that is within and without each of us.​

Individual Meditations, Talks & Channelings

Anch-Indivual Audios & Meditations
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