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The Resurrection of Love

Do you find yourself disappointed by rude, mean or dysfunctional people in your life? We all have our moments when we are at our wits end, frustrated and mad at the world or our loved ones. We fight, set boundaries to protect ourselves, tell our stories of how we were wronged. It keeps happening and we don't understand why. We can only assume that the world is just crazy and there is nothing we can do about it. We give up and say that someday we will find love. Or we believe that love will never exist in our lives. I say no, no and no!

So what is holding you back from experiencing love? Resurrection!

"Resurrection???!!" You ask. "That doesn't sound fun or loving at all", you might be thinking. However, in truth, Resurrection is when your heart is open to being born again, and again. There is much letting go and dying in this process. You take each now moment, resurrect it by letting go, dying with it, in order to be born again. Be free.

When you find yourself stuck in an undesirable moment or feeling, resurrect it. How do we do this? First, you must choose love, above all else. Breathe deep and choose love. I know it's hard when someone is yelling in your face or hurting you. But by now, you have learned that fighting resolves nothing. The cycle continues. So it is up to you to break that cycle. Choose love. Step away. Breathe. Send love and blessings to the person whom is being unloving towards you.

Pray, meditate and send them only the best and highest health, happiness and love. It will only benefit you to focus on positive feelings, and it will shift the patterns of emotions between you and this person or situation. It's a win, win. Either they will become nicer, or they will find someone else to play out their victim role with.

You must know that you are a powerful creator. You create the situations in life around you based on how you feel and what you believe. You are always responsible for how you respond to the situations that you attract. You can respond as a helpless victim, or you can choose to be a powerful creator of your life.

It is time to decide what is most important to you - love, hate, fear or doubt. You are either powerfully creating from a place of love, or you are a victim of the other three.

Every lesson, is always a chance for you to choose love again and to HEAL what triggers you about this person or situation. Every hard life experience and moment is an opportunity for you to transform it with love.

Thank them. Yes, thank them, as they are the testers of you heart, teachers that show what you are not, so that you can recognize and choose to be what you already are - only love, only love, only love! "Resurrect every moment - let go, die with it. Be born again and be free."

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