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Mother Earth Collective Heart Download and Meditation

In a time of global fear and pandemic, we must remember to remain centered in our hearts, be present and connect with what is happening, in a new way. This message was channeled through me via Mother Earth, the Collective Heart in regards to the current energies, with a meditation, and guidance for aligning with the collective heart.

Where we are going and evolving to is to be focused not on sickness, disease and awful things but where we want to go as a collective. In order for humanity to move forward, there has to be a collective goal. We realize what impact we have one the earth when we make changes, good or bad and how immediately the waters can become pure, the air clean.

So we are moving in one direction, together, through this shared experience that all must face together.

As an individual, focus on where you want to go, what you can do to better the planet, to expand your connection and your community. This common experience is unifying all of you to come together. It is a decision you all have to make individually to move forward together. Have a goal, have a vision for the future, as it will carry you through these times.

Plant seeds literally and figuratively for a new Earth of collective harmony with community, animals and Earth.

This physical isolation is drawing out the deeper heart to connect. Deeper healing will occur as togetherness is medicine for the heart. How can you be of service to your community?

Come home. Come home to your heart. Come home to your community. Come home to your land, to nature. Nature is not something to explore. You are a part of it. It is you.

Now you see how much you are a part of this system, and the collective family that brings the food to your table. Now you really see and feel so deeply how much you are one. You need each other for the sake of survival for you and for the planet.

The isolation causes you to reach out from your soul, and this is good. Have a vision for the future, connect with the community, have a shared common goal. This will get you through.

Sending blessings to those who are still living in fear. Be kind, be giving and generous. Send them love, connection. Do not judge nor fear them. Be of service to them.

Little acts of kindness will be huge to bridge and break barriers to those that are suffering.


Breathe deep. Connect with Gaia. Connect with collective heart energy.

From here forward your heart will be your navigation system. Whenever you have a decision, need, concern or fear, be right here at all times. This is your navigation system from here forward.

Expand your lower rib cage up to the top of your collar bone and allow your whole rib cage to expand as you inhale, opening your arms out the side.

Exhale and bring hands to prayer in front of your heart. (3 times each)

This simple technique will tune you in and center you in your heart space.

Bring your mind's eye to the center of your heart.

Go inward and feel the love in your heart and let that seed grow and expand.

Don't judge what you see, just find that little speck of light and expand that space.

See that light expanding and flowing clearly and in perfect rhythms through the right atrium, right ventricle, then left ventricle, and left atrium.

All electrical pulses in perfect harmony.

Your breath and your heart will be hugely important to get you focused and center.

Imagine a large collective heart in front of you.

See a golden thread from your heart to this collective heart.

Ask AA Micheal and AA Gabriel to filter out any energies that are sent and received for the highest good of all.

Give and receive as needed and appropriate, to/from this collective heart.

Feel the peace being sent to you from this collective heart and receive that peace.

Feel that heart energy coming towards you now. Be in that peace.

This is how we navigate going forward... With loving kindness, and compassion as your navigational system. Be of service, be in alignment with purpose, acts of kindness, and know you will be provided for. Bonding heart and mind together through this beautiful vision of a new earth that is aligned and more collective oriented.

So much beauty and love and joy to all of you.

Call on mother Gaia to nurture you with loving energy when you need it. Lie on the grass, lean against a tree to connect with the dirt and living systems below your building to connect with that source.

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