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Letter to the Collective Masculine from the Divine Feminine

To the Masculines who are still unfolding, from the Divine Feminine

Divine Sisters and Brothers,

Sisters, please read this and offer it up to the masculine. We need to heal our core wounds and offer forgiveness to the masculine collective right now, so that we can show up clear and ready for our divine masculine. The masculine has also been taught to repress their emotions and vulnerability and need to feel safe in our feminine wombs of compassion and forgiveness now.

Brothers, read this and know that we forgive you. We are all one soul learning, growing and awakening to what true love means. As well, this letter can be adapted to forgive all the feminines in your life so you too can show up clear and ready for your divine union. The feminine collective needs forgiveness and understanding too.

To the masculine (or feminine), For the times you lied to me, cheated on me again, and again… For the times I had to carry you, and you did not appreciate it… For the times you made me out to be less than you… For the times you didn't honor me in all of my divine feminine essence... For the times you shamed me for being sexy and powerful… For the times that you put me down, and cast me out… For the times you overpowered me physically, abused me, raped me… For the times that you lashed out at me, when I bared my soul and vulnerability to you… For the times when I needed you and you were not there… For the times you abandoned me and child… For the times you dishonored my worth and treated me like an object of sex… For the times you hid from me, ignored me and didn’t acknowledge me... I forgive you.

I forgive you because it is a reflection of my unhealed wounds. Thank you for showing up to be my reflection so I could heal my wounded heart and ego, be whole and love myself again.

I forgive you because you are afraid to surrender to the vulnerability of love, because you know how powerful my love is. My love will melt you, and your ego will be destroyed. You would then have to surrender to the divine masculine power within you and the divine feminine power within me.

I say to you dear one, do not be afraid, because within that destruction, my womb will birth you into the holy man that you are, if you are brave enough to trust me and know that I love you.

I step into my holiness and I set you free to step into your holiness.

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