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Cindy is an amazing energy healer! My session was through the angels, my higher self and my arcturian team stepped in too! She said a lot of my pain in my eye was from structural damage... this was from a childhood severe fall on my head that was never treated...! Long ago forgotten except for the scar on my hairline! Archangel Raphael and the Arcturians did divine energy surgery on my skull, improving my vision and decreasing the pain! Cindy has a beautiful and kind way of healing and explaining all the time who is assisting and what they are doing and why... I’m a 25 yr cardiac RN and I was very impressed and would definitely recommend!

~ Kay Gaines, RN - Cardiac Nurse




You were spot on with everything. Thank you for this beautiful gift that I didn't even realise I needed. 

~ T. S. Bangkok, Thailand


I had a beautiful, deeply healing session with Cindy.  She was able to connect the threads between the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects that led to a flare up of MS symptoms and also how I felt unsupported by my family. 


I could almost see her rearranging all the threads of light and creating a new story of healing and support in my body and heart. 


The treatment continued into the following weeks as I felt better and better. I witnessed the negative aspects that adversely affect my health fall away.  I'm grateful for Cindy and her healing gifts!

~Dr. Elyne Selu, MA, PhD


Cindy's depth of physical knowledge and personal intuition allows her to know what will best treat a person's imbalances. Her years of studies and experience have led her to understand the body on a physical, emotional, and experiential level and the familial/ancestral affects and how to balance them. 


Many therapists learn to work with muscle, tissue, ligaments, and tendons; yet few can consistently accomplish this along with the deep re-balancing of energies, as well, that are out of sync.  Cindy does.


Cindy's extraordinary sensitivity to body energy paths allows her to reach beyond the here/now presented to her, into the source of issues, including ancestral effects or habits.


As an old body-worker, I analyze healing work as I'm receiving it.  I have experienced many modalities of healing and have created a scale of my body's responses. Until now, it was a 1-10 scale.  Cindy made a new high score called for.  I am blessed to have received the touch of her healing hands.


Melany T., Retired Healer



Thank you for the Reconnective Healing ® session. I have been walking on air all day, with the biggest smile on my face!  

Dr, TJL, Pharmacist, LMT




I received an AMAZING distance energy healing from Cindy.


She intuitively knew right away that I was having neck and jaw pain,and helped ease them both.

I HIGHLY recommend her!

Heather O'Neill - California




Years of hypnotherapy and counseling failed to rid me of my unyielding anxiety and self-loathing. After 3 energy healing sessions, my life has changed 180 degrees for the better.


Miriam Lorenzi, Photographer


It must have been my guides or angels that put you in my path, 'cause it was just so amazing! I was VERY impressed with what you said. That blew my mind. You really read me so well and hit the nail on the head. 

Would definitely recommend you to others! 

A. Harrison - Cerebral Palsy patient


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