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Journey through the 8 spheres of your being, as you are guided to observe, tune in and clear the spheres within and beyond your body. 


The 8 Spheres are:


  • MENTAL - Be Clear (of anger, fear and doubt)

    • I create based on what I BELIEVE, not what I DESERVE. I CREATED THIS!

    • Transforming and clearing anger, fear and doubt into clarity of mind.

  • EMOTIONAL -  Love + Intention = Creation

    • I create based on how I FEEL. I honor and own my worth. I set healthy boundaries in order to cultivate self-love and being my best, radiant self.

    • Self-love = Clear Emotion of Love. Love is the creative force!

    • Align with love that will fuel your intentions and be a powerful attractor of your desire.

  • PHYSICAL - Clear Mind + Clear Emotion = Healthy Body

    • I choose to nurture my body. I love my body. 

    • Once the mental and emotional bodies are clear and aligned, your physical body will balance and radiate.

  • PSYCHIC - Clear Mind, Emotion, & Body = Clear Listening to Intuition

    • I allow the words to flow without judgment. I open myself to receive the wisdom.

    • With clear mind, emotion and body you are able to listen to and discern your intuition and inner knowing.

  • ENERGETIC - Clear Mind, Emotion, Body & Intuition = VIBRATIONAL SELF

    • I invite the divine, loving creator into the places where I need balancing and harmony in my energy body. I release energy that is not mine and no longer serves me. 

    • Tapping into intuition will allow you to sense and feel the subtle energies in your body and all around you.

  • SPIRITUAL - Ask and Commune with Spirit

    • I communicate with the loving spirit within me and allow it to show me the most harmonious and effortless way.

    • Taking your aligned sensing and inner knowing one step further to commune and connect with your higher self, your inner light-filled spirit.

  • ETHEREAL - Moving Beyond the Self and Ego - Going Deeper Into the Void

    • I let go of my attachments to physical things and open to the infinite oneness of possibilities and connection to the all. 

    • Moving beyond the body, beyond the self, into the limitless ether of space and the unified field of one consciousness and awareness that connects us all.

  • CREATOR / SOURCE - Connecting With the One Self = Oneness

    • I AM a creator being, I am connected to the greater intelligence of love, that is love.

    • Connect with the One Consciousness, the One Soul, the One Source that is within and without each of us.


In Harmony & Wholeness To You!

8 Spheres of Ascension Meditation - Binaural Beats, Alpha &Theta Waves

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