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The 8 Spheres of Ascension Series

Move through the 8 Spheres of Ascension series as you evolve, align and balance the layers of your Mental, Emotional, Physical, Psychic, Energetic, Spiritual, Ethereal and Creator/Source bodies.  

**It is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you follow the  series in order of the wheel. Start with the Zero to Oneness workbook first, and progress through the audio recordings from the MENTAL SPHERE to the CREATOR SPHERE.  (Or progress at your own place from where you feel drawn. )

Enjoy this refreshing insight and coaching as you grow within, and with your inner connection to spirit through meditation, self-help exercises, contemplation and working through your blocks and...


...Aligning you with a life of Oneness and Ascension!

mastering the 8 spheres of ascension pla

You can move at your own pace with the audios below.

OR join our online group that includes:


  • LIVE stream intuitive life coaching, meditations and healings

  • online GROUP interaction

  • a personal intuitive coaching and HEALING session

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