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This Exclusive 4 Week Class is for You if:

  • You desire to clear what is BLOCKING YOU and begin a NEW LIFE

  • You're ready to UNLOCK your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL

  • You're ready to let go of being a victim and become a CREATOR of your life

  • You're ready to move from doing to BEING, and from getting to RECEIVING

  • You're ready to work less and ATTRACT more

You will also experience...

  • How to use HARMONY as your LIGHTHOUSE and guide through life

  • CONNECT to your inner wisdom and tap into your INTUITION 

  • REMEMBER who you truly are, which is LOVE

  • RELEASE the anger, fear and doubt that are blocking you from moving ahead

  • And So Much​ More...

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What will I learn in the Creating with Love online class?

  • WEEK 1

    • Are you a Victim or a Creator of your life?

    • How to co-create effectively with love and release what is blocking you. 

  • WEEK 2

    • What are your beliefs or intentions?

    • Your MIND & ENERGY creates MATTER.

    • Learn how to maintain inner clarity and focus.

  • WEEK 3

    • What are your gut feelings and intuitions about your life?

    • Your EMOTIONS and HEART are powerful magnetic attractors!

    • Learn how to discern and develop your inner INTUITION.

  • WEEK 4

    • ACTION steps to increase and shift your energy to ATTRACT more of what you desire.

    • Learn how to effectively ASK for what you need and maintain a state of ACCEPTANCE to receive.

    • ANYTHING  is possible when you take the time to PRACTICE ALIGNMENT with it.

How much time do I need to commit?

  • No worries if you cannot make the class time, weekly videos are posted on the FB group page for you to watch at your convenience.

  • Classes are 1 hour videos posted once a week to the group page.

  • Videos will be posted by Thursdays at noon EST. 


How much support will I have?

  • There will be online support via the FB group page.

  • You can comment or ask questions within the group page and Cindy will respond to all of your comments.

  • You also have the option to get a private session with Cindy if you need further support and healing.

Creating Your Life with Love &  Harmony - 4 weeks online
Creating Your Life with Love &  Harmony - 4 weeks online
Sep 06, 2022, 6:00 PM EDT
Creating Your Life With Love & Harmony

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