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Working with the Zero to Oneness e-book

How is it different than other life coaching models?

  • It is a simple tool that can be used for any situation to create prosperity and success with relationships, health, career, and more

  • It is a a circular, organic model of inward presence, rather than a linear model of overthinking and outwardly focus

  • It teaches you how to create from desire and love, rather than a to do list, fear or worry

  • It is inclusive, rather than exclusive

  • It balances the feminine creation with masculine action within you

What are the benefits of the Zero to Oneness model?

  • Clear your blockages of anger, fear and doubt

  • Align with your desired intentions with the energy of love and gratitude with purpose and value

  • Tune in into your inner intuition and body wisdom

  • Ask for what you need with clarity and focus

  • Co-create with conscious action with the co-creative life forces

  • Master your own ascension with this tool anytime, for any situation

  • Become a powerful attractor


Zero to Oneness offers the L.I.L.I.A.A.A. technique (love, intention, listen, intuition, action, ask & attract).


Simply put, clear and honor your anger, fear and doubt so you can create with loving intentions, and are able to better listen to your intuition, move forward with clarity in action, ask for what you need along the way, and attract the life you want!


Learn this simple, valuable tool for a balanced and happy life!

Zero to Oneness e-book

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