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Day Retreat  in Asheville, NC

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Spend a special day dedicated to Harmonizing and Honoring the Earth with The Shashastra Collective:

“Harmonizing the planet is an energetic thing, as well as, an action. The energy you put behind what you do makes all the difference in creating balance on Earth.


Join our collective energies as we co-create powerful and positive shifts together!”

 - The Shashastra Collective

Location, Date & Time

Haw Creek Commons, Asheville NC

December 11th

12:30-5:30 p.m.


We will share and explore together the ancient wisdom of the Earth and Cosmic knowledge from our Collective. 


What we are sharing with you is the divine order and the weaving of the fabric of time through Love and Light.


We will share the wisdom and teachings of pagamentos - sacred payments to balance the energy of the earth.


We will connect with nature in a deep, intuitive manner.


Learn indigenous ways to balance and heal the earth from the wisdom of the Mamos elder from the Heart of the Spirit of the World in Colombia.

Your Experience


 What benefits will one receive?

  • Be in alignment with the Divine Order and fabric of life and creation. 

  • Learn how to connect deeply with the weaving of the fabric of the Earth and co-creation. 

  • Connect with the energies of the Earth and balance those energies from your own inner wisdom. 

  • Harmonize your inner soul and receive the benefits of connecting with the Earth elements. 

  • You will be able to ask the Shashastra Collective direct questions about balancing the Earth and self. 

  • You will feel more connected in a new way to and through the Earth elements and feel connected in a new way like never before. 

  • You'll be able to access ancient wisdom within your being and harmonize with the Earth for the sake of creating balance and Divine Order on the planet (sacred reciprocity). 

  • You will develop your intuition and fine tune your sensing to connect, speak with and listen to the Earth.

Other benefits:

  • Connect with like-minded souls through a deeper connection to the Earth

  • Nourish your body with light healthy vegan snacks and tea

  • Walk through the woods and connect with nature as you tune into your inner knowing and make sacred offerings of reciprocity

  • Enjoy group Meditation for the Earth to become One

  • Experience Live Intuitive Channeling and Group Energy Healing downloads

This retreat is for balancing and connecting the Earth

through Divine Order

and connection with self and others.

Location, Date & Time

Haw Creek Commons, Asheville NC

December 11th

12:30-5:30 p.m.

Make your payment here. 

Reserve your spot now as space is limited!

*Paypal available upon request.

This is a mask and physical distancing friendly event.

We will be indoor and outdoor throughout the event.

The space has plenty of room to spread out indoors.


Haw Creek Commons, Asheville NC

December 11th

12:30-5:30 p.m.


Who is/are the Shashastra collective?

“We are the Shashatra collective. 

The name Shashastra means

- the Guardians of the light.

We are watchers, keepers and

maintainers of the light.

We are the maintainers of harmony. 

We are the harmonizers of the light. 

We are the explosion of light. 

We are the harmonizing of the

light and the dark.”


Who we are collectively:

Christed ones - that carry the energy signature of the Christed energy, from that lineage of the light frequency. 

We carry Buddha, Gaia and many Divine Feminine energy frequencies.

We are several off-planetary beings with many names and frequencies that cannot be pronounced in your language.

We are the Tall Light Beings - which are simply light beings that expand from one end of the universe to the other across space and time - ever traveling light, continually traveling and holding that light frequency, never stopping, always expanding. We are the center of those tall light beings, and are one of the intersecting points where they come together - where we all came from. When there was darkness and then a spark that expanded into a beam of light and continued on forever. And they are still traveling, still expanding.

What is our mission?

We come together collectively to share in this light-energy frequency that is love on this planet. 


We come together to maintain, hold together and brighten this magnify this energy frequency of love - through this mission , through this being here (Cindy) on this planet that is broadcasting to you to hear our message.

Connect with your deep, inner Earth wisdom and live your day with harmony, balance and alignment with the elements.

creating with love journal thumbnail.jpg

Receive a FREE copy of the Creating with Love Journal!!


Attendees will receive 50% off one private intuitive healing session with Cindy


Location, Date & Time

Haw Creek Commons, Asheville NC

December 11th

12:30-5:30 p.m.


CINDY BOWEN is an Award-Winning Author,  Intuitive Healer & Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Craniosacral Therapist,  Physical Therapist Assistant, and Earth Guardian with the Mamos.

Cindy is a chosen representative and Earth Guardian with the indigenous Mamos elders from the Heart of the Spirit of the World in Colombia. Their Earth mission is to help balance and heal Aluna (Mother Earth). Cindy shares their wisdom of creating divine order within ourselves to create divine order for the earth. 

Her children’s book Playing with Gaia won 2 gold medals from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and the Mom’s Choice Awards. She is also the author of Zero to Oneness self-help e-book.


Cindy offers many online classes, workshops and retreats to help you connect with your inner being and create the life and the Earth you desire. Personal Intuitive Healing sessions are available by request. 

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